The Importance of Classical Music in Parenting

Today, if you know a couple who is expecting a child, chances are, they have heard the effects of classical music to an unborn fetus. But, what is in these classic tunes that enhance the brain development of babies inside the womb?

Well, music is a broad term. If you simply let your fetus hear rock or pop music, they are more likely to adapt the song they frequently hear. On the other hand, it is different with classical music. Popular composers of the olden days like Mozart, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky are known to have a complex ability of creating music without the beauty of words. During those days when digital tools used in enhancing songs were not yet invented, you have to be a very brilliant person to come up with a series of keys and create a tune. But, these brilliant men did not just create a tune -- they created a masterpiece, just like Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso.

Are you still wondering what their music has to do with the development of an unborn baby's brain? Well, according to research, classical music involves a series of complex musical framework. Just as you would when you hear a song playing repeatedly, babies can follow that complex structure which claims to enhance the baby's brain development. Even neonates react to the complexities of this classical music through recognizing the tunes even if they have never heard of them before.

The experts believe that the intricate structure of classical music is the key in enabling the unborn child to improve his problem solving skills. It is due to this fact that classical music has a different effect on a baby's brain instead of the other kinds of music. On the contrary, while classical music may be helpful in the brain development of a baby, it does not follow that the other unmentioned types of music have no good effects whatsoever. As a general rule, if babies are exposed to various types of music during the early phases of their lives, the pathways of their brain becomes more inclined to music. This can be shown through our high regard to music as something that can soothe our nerves, help us breathe, and cool us down during moments of stress.