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Nuances of Hindustani Classical Music

For those who listen to Hindustani classical music or those who are looking to improve their knowledge for better appreciation of the music, 'Nuances of Hindustani Classical Music" written by Dr. Hema Hirlekar is the ideal choice.

Hindustani classical music has become very popular in the last few years. Concerts held all over the world are packed to capacity. Statistics reveals that only a handful of audience truly appreciate the classical music with any degree of knowledge. This book aims to lift the rest to total enjoyment at par with the handful circle.

The canopy of Hindustani classical music is vast. There are many books in the market that explore Hindustani music from different angles, sometimes focussing on just one part such as Khayal. Refreshingly, Hema Hirlekar has produced a unique blend that is at once easy for a raw listener yet comprehensive for highly initiated. It is organised for extremely easy understanding of the musical terms, the music, the genres, the gharanas, and the concerts.

Learning to Appreciate Classical Music

The thought of listening to classical music might conjure up images of uptight, elitist snobs, but it's entirely possible for you to acquire a taste for classical music. Just like any other type of music, you've got to spend a little time listening to it, you've got to expose yourself to several different variations and you've got to open yourself up if you ever want to appreciate it. Those unfamiliar with classical music may be surprised to find out that it is a truly diverse musical genre. If you're ready to expand your musical tastes, check out my tips and suggestions for gaining an appreciation for classical music.

The easiest first step is to just go out a purchase a classical CD that contains a compilation of several different composers. If you really want to get a good feel for the wide variety, then you may want to purchase several different compilations.

Now just let the music play in the background during the day whilst you do other tasks. In most cases it won't be incredibly distracting, so you'll be able to listen o it at work or at home.

After you've been listening to it for a couple of days, start paying attention to specific composers that you enjoy. Take note of their names and begin seeking out additional classical music composed by them.

Once you've identified a particular style you like, start attending concerts that fit your tastes. This will greatly increase and enhance your appreciation for the music. You'll get far more information about the premise and meaning of the music as the composer often will explain this between sets.