Classical Music CD

There are many forms of classical music. Before going for a classical music CD, it is first necessary to decide which form of music you like. Most pieces fall into four basic categories. So you may prepare a list of music pieces that you like. Having selected the music you like, try to find out the name of its composer. May be, having liked one piece of a certain composer, you may like to hear his other pieces too. You can prepare a list of different composers also.

The next step is to find the sources of finding the classical CDs. There are many sources of obtaining the CDs. You can download them free. You can also get them against cost. But the catch here is that free CDs may not match your taste and choice. Their musical quality too may not be up to the mark you set. You may not be able to get the composers and the music of your choice.

There are several sources for the best recordings of the works of your choice. Stevenson Guide and the Penguin Guide are good references. There are many classical music review publications like Fanfare, American Record Guide, Gramophone, and others.

Before going in for classical music CDs, you should read the reviews of those you have selected. You can also find out resources of buying these CDs from these reviews. It would be interesting to note that sometimes, you can get the CDs of many great musical performances for just as little as $4/5. The low price may mislead you to think that the quality of the music CD may be poor. You however must remember that sometimes there is no relation between the quality and the price. Sometimes the best performances on quality CDs are available at low prices.