Collection Of Classical Music Cd

The world of classical music can be somewhat confusing. There is a vast amount of recordings of works going back many years. If I decide that I want to buy a classical music cd of a favorite composer, I then have to choose which version to get. Most classics are duplicated by different orchestras, conductors or soloists. There is a radio show in the UK, which advises on building a musical collection and that has been very useful. Sometimes, I will look for recommendations by experts to help me to steer through the maze. I used to think that it didn't make much difference as to which version to choose until I heard two different orchestras perform Vivaldi's Four Seasons. One recording was vastly superior to the other, so I have been discerning ever since.

When choosing what orchestral works to buy, I tend to look at the conductor of the piece and I base my decision on that. It helps to know if a conductor specialized in a certain composer, as Sir John Barbirolli was an expert on the works of Edward Elgar for instance. Other conductors that I would look out for on a classical music cd are Herbert von Karajan, Otto Klemperer and Simon Rattle. All these men have reputations that are hard to beat.

I also have to decide on a selection of soloists. Again, there seems no point in looking outside the known geniuses in their field. The cello is one of my favorite instruments and I love the work of Pablo Casals, Jacqueline du Pre, Yo Yo Ma and Steven Isserlis. The best violin virtuosos are Itmak Perlman and Yehudi Menuin. When selecting pianists, I go for Glenn Gould whenever possible. A classical music cd which matches the best composers with the best players is sublime.