Listening to Classical Music Will Not Make Your Child More Intelligent

Will listening to classical music, make your child smarter? That question has been around for many years. Years ago when these studies began to be conducted, they were only done on adults. The results were that they only had a small effect on short term memory.

While there is no dispute that listening to classical music is very relaxing, it will not make your child smarter. Past studies have concluded that listening to classical music has increased the motor skills in children. However, other studies have also been conducting with reading, memory exercises and consistently putting puzzles together with the same result.

Independent studies have also been conducted that show that listening to this type of music has had an effect on the intelligence of children. It is not reliable and the result have been too insignificant for this theory to be fact. The test have only shown to make a difference for about 20 minutes. Talk about short term memory.

Whether your intention is directed towards unborn children, infants or toddlers making them smarter will simply not happen in this way. Does this mean that classical music is useless for children? Absolutely not! Classical music is most definitely soothing and relaxing. We can all use a little relaxation in our lives. This also applies to children. A misconception is that children do not have stress in their lives. That is simply not true. It is just a different kind of stress than us adults deal with on a daily basis.